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The Optimum Cure and Care Association


  • Our aim is to create a register of professional member practitioners that are not only trained to a high level of skills but also agree to practice in a clear and responsible way.
  • Our aim is to develop a greater understanding and acceptance of Traditional Islamic and Holistic Therapies with special reference to Al-Hijam and its therapeutic and Holistic benefits.
  • Our aim is to promote ethical, responsible, professional “Traditional Islamic and Holistic Therapies” to the public and the Health Care professions.
  • Our aim is to inform the general public about the benefits of Traditional and Holistic Approach To Health Problem In Islam
  • We aim to open the doors to members from abroad and make the TOCCA a multinational organisation.
  • We are aiming to set up centres of Traditional Islamic and Holistic Therapies excellence and training centres in various overseas locations.