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Al-Hijama Course Al-Hijama Level 4 professional course
BIHMC Accredited

This pioneering course is designed to provide opportunities for students to study Al-Hijama as a therapeutic method from the Sunnah in the Muslims folk medicine. The conduction of this course is based on a combination of Islamic knowledge and the contemporary cupping theories. The course is suitable for beginners and professionals too. It is designed for individuals who are interest in studying Al-Hijama therapy as a remedy from the prophetic and Islamic Holistic medicine.

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What is Al-Hijama?

All illness is a manifestation of imbalance somewhere in the human makeup, these manifestations or imbalances are the body's attempts to re-create balance.

Al-Hijama (cupping) has been used as a mean of therapy for about 1500 years in the Folk and natural medicine. It is now one of the most famous talked about therapies in the industry.

Practically, it has surprising and amazing results for almost all ailments and it is powerful natural preventative alternative, therefore people find it very effective and curative.

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