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Course Specification

Unlike conventional schools, colleges or universities, there are no terms, semesters, or specified intake dates for the Al-Hijama distance courses. Students can enrol on any day and at any time of the year. Distance learning allows our students to plan their studies to fit in with their lifestyle or work commitments.

Al-Hijama Level 4 accredited professional course.

Title of learning programme Al-Hijama
Duration of learning programme Up to 9 months. You can apply for extension and/or freezing your account for additional 3 month.
Course Level Level 4
Certification Authority Traditional Islamic and Holistic Health Care Academy
All our graduated students are eligible to register on the General Regulatory Council of Complementary Therapies register. The GRCCT are the Government Department follow White Paper, that regulate how complementary therapies in UK are done. This makes our member a professional and registered with government as a professional.
  • The Optimum Cure and Care training centre is the pioneer leading centre that have registered on The UK Register of Learning Providers.
  • The Optimum Cure and Care is a training courses category registered trademark, protected under European Law, this makes our certification is legally protected certification.
  • Our Al-Hijam course meets the educational standards in line with British government guidelines for the practice of Al-Hijama cupping therapy in the UK (GRCCT Regulated).
  • Our accredited diploma allows our students to practice Al-Hijama in many parts of the world (Please check the requirements and regulations of your local Authority/ Country).
  • Our diploma is recognised by the UK’s leading insurance companies. This makes our graduates are eligible to obtain professional indemnity insurance cover on completion of the course.
  • Our accredited diploma allows our students to become members of GRCCT National Register for a fee paid to them directly. Our accredited diploma allows our students to become
  • Our graduates can obtain a license to practice Al-Hijama Cupping Therapy with our Certification and PMA license under Religious Therapy in the US. Our graduate will be able to set up their clinic in the USA, get PMA license and practice Al-Hijama. PMA license is open to US graduates and international students too, all our candidates are eligible for PMA license
  • Our accredited diploma allows our students to become members of members of Complementary Medical Association (CMA)
  • On completion of the course, our graduates are eligible to obtain TOCCA free membership.

Course Description

This course will be conducted based on a combination of Islamic teachings and the modern cupping tools. The course is an ideal foundation to introduce you to the development and practice of Al-Hijama.The course is suitable for beginners as well as experts. It is carefully structured so each module builds on the previous one, allowing students to develop their confidence and skills, and reach their full potential to perform Al-Hijama. Students will learn Al-Hijama, a safe, simple, and effective therapy for prevention and treatment of some conditions and diseases.

Course Objectives

  1. To learn basic knowledge (theory and practical) of Al-Hijama mainly dry and wet based on a combination of Islamic teachings and the modern cupping.
  2. To understand the requirement and obligations of practicing Al-Hijama (cupping) as a mean of natural therapy.
  3. To communicate with other practitioners when needed.
  4. To be able work both independently and as a team member.
  5. To act professionally and keep the patient’s personal information confidential, except when referring to other health-care therapists.

Course general policy and rules

  • Read assigned material.
  • Internet search for a recent papers.
  • The rule of marking the assignments is; either to pass or fail the assignment.
  • There are no marking grades.
  • The requested number of words should be provided with a range of 50 words less or more in your assignment.
  • In order to pass the assignment, you need to fulfil the criteria of pass rules.

Course Modules

# Module Topics Learning Objectives
Module 1
  • Al-Hijama (cupping) therapy.
  • Al-Hijama as a remedy from the Sunnah.
  • Al-Hijama in the Sunnah and Sharia.
  • Al-Hijama (cupping) in the modern time.

On successful completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • On successful completion of this module the candidate will be able to discuss a brief history of Al-Hijama and summarise its benefits
Module 2
  • The human body
  • The human body systems (overview)
  • Evidences from Quran
  • The human blood
  • The skin
  • Homeostasis
  • Qi
  • The Relationship between Qi and blood and body fluids
  • The meridian system

On successful completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Recognize and use basic and necessary terms related to the anatomy and physiology of the human body.
  • Introduce Chi and the Meridian System showing how they influence the functioning of the human body.
Module 3
  • Physiological basis, Al-Hijama.
  • The effects of cupping therapy on different body systems and organs.
  • Preparation for Al-Hijama.
  • The best time to do Al-Hijama.
  • Precautions of Al-Hijama (cupping).
  • Al-Hijama instruments and tools.

On successful completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Recognize conditions that benefit from the use of Al-Hijama.
  • Know about the scientific miracle in Quran.
Module 4
  • Different Cupping Methods
  • Dry cupping
  • Massage cupping
  • Wet cupping
  • Al-Hijama (cupping) procedures
  • Important Instructions
  • Dry Al-Hijama (cupping) Procedures
  • Wet Al-Hijama (wet cupping) procedures

On successful completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate techniques of Al-Hijama and its types.
Module 5
  • How to make incisions
  • Role of cupping in detoxification of the body
  • Finger measurement system
  • Proportional measurements
  • Landmarks
  • The location of the sunnah points on the human body

On successful completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Implement the technique of Al-Hijama into existing practice.
Module 6
  • The Best Treatment You Have Is Al-Hijama
  • The miracle of the Sunnah points.
  • General benefits of Al-Hijama/ cupping
  • Al-Hijama in the treatment of common disorders.
  • Notes on miscellaneous disorders.
  • Precautions and contraindications.
  • Causes of diseases
  • Treatment goals
  • Procedures
  • Points location and lanmarks
  • The use of essential oils in conjunction with Al-Hijama in the treatment of some conditions.

On successful completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Introduce and discuss your understanding of the treatment formulation.
Module 7
  • Health and hygiene
  • The working place
  • First aid
  • Consent to Al-Hijama procedures
  • Infection
  • Cross-infection
  • The health & safety at work.
  • Cleaning.
  • Disinfection.
  • Sterilisation.
  • Start Your Own Business

On successful completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Evaluate emergency conditions likely to occur and identify the major Health and hygiene measures.


£650 excluding workshop fee*. Workshop fee is £95.

* Enrol now and get 15% off the course fees. You pay £552.50 instead of £650**. Group enrolment (2+ persons) is entitled to get additional 5% discount. Ends 25 June 2023. ** £552.50 One full payment – Or – £650.00 in 4 monthly payments of £162.50.

Tutor Support

With this course you will be offered professional guidance and advice when you need it. You will have unlimited access to your own personal tutor who specialises in the field of study. We are keen to ensure that you receive constructive feedback and to deal with any queries you may have. You are more than welcome to telephone or email your personal tutor.

Assessment Method

After each module, there is an assignment which needs to be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for marking. This method of continual assessment ensures that you are provided with assistance throughout the duration of the course and your personal tutor can consistently monitor your progress.

Practical Skills

There is a practical exam on-site at the workshop. Some of the students cannot attend the work shop because of visa issue or any other reason. Al-Hijama procedures are well explained and covered in details in both the notes and videos. However there are additional options for students who are unable to attend the workshop.

Case studies guidelines: 8-10 weeks long

Study Options

In order to offer our students the most convenient and flexible distance learning courses, The Optimum Cure offers you the option to study for your course through on-line method; students will be given a password and user name to access the study materials.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding this course, please call an advisor +44 (0)333 011 8585, mobile +44 (0)788 0741 045 or email info@theoptimumcure.com

* Calls to 03 numbers will cost the same as calls to landline numbers, and will be included as part of any inclusive call minutes or discount schemes for geographic calls.

Course terms and conditions

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