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The Optimum Cure and Care Association


  • The Optimum Cure Association (TOCCA) is a Membership and Training Professional Body Association with a Register of Certified and Insured Practitioners for Traditional Islamic and Holistic Therapies.
  • TOCCA has been also established to provide a high standard of comprehensive training in the field of Traditional Islamic and Holistic Therapy.
  • TOCCA value and promote diversity of Traditional Islamic and Holistic Therapies with particular promotion and development of Al-Hijama as a form of Traditional Therapy.
  • We believe that we are able to help the public and health care professions to realise that Traditional Islamic and Holistic Therapy is a practicable and highly desirable form of healthcare when delivered safely and ethically protect the public.
  • TOCCA will have a register of certified and insured practitioners who have been trained to a high standard and have professional indemnity insurance cover
  • Members of the TOCCA are all bound by a code of conduct and standards of expertise that is in line with NOS, UK policies and laws as well as established professional ethical conduct guidelines.
  • TOCCA members are dedicated to representing "the professional aspect of the Traditional Islamic and Holistic Therapies and by promoting research, education and knowledge in the field within a viable and highly desirable form of healthcare.
  • TOCCA members are allowed to become members of GRCCT National Register for a fee paid to them directly.
  • TOCCA members can obtain a license to practice Al-Hijama Cupping Therapy with our Certification and PMA license under Religious Therapy in the US. Our members will be able to set up their clinic in the USA, get PMA license and practice Al-Hijama. PMA license is open to US graduates and international students too, all our candidates are eligible for PMA license